Buy A Website For Me

Web AdvocateCFO magazine ran an article in their November 2009 magazine titled,Buy It for Me: Companies are increasingly using third-party procurement services, even for essential purchases”.

The most notable paragraphs from the article are as follows:

“Human resources, technology, tax, and even accounting — companies have grown comfortable with buying these services rather than tackling the tasks themselves. Are they also becoming more comfortable with buying the very act of buying?

It’s not a philosophical question… the market for third-party services that help businesses buy smarter is poised to take off. Procurement outsourcing, which can entail everything from help with a single supplier decision to having an outsourcer select and pay a wide range of vendors on an ongoing basis, will hit $750 million this year and grow to $2 billion next year.” – CFO Magazine

What does this mean for your business?

Hiring a Web Advocate should be your top priority before buying a website.

You should not try to become an expert on web design or development before purchasing a website.

You simply need a “procurement outsourcer”  to assist you with the very act of buying a website.

Web Design is Complicated.
Web Advocates are Not!

We are experts at breaking down the most complex technological discussing into understandable, real world language.

A web advocate is a Professional, Personal Shopper.

Have you ever wanted a personal shopper to take care of your clothing, grocery, or other purchases?

We won’t pick out your next shirt or pair of pants, but we will help you find the perfect web designer, or web firm, to meet your needs.

How Do I Find a Web Advocate?

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