The Fastest and Cheapest Business Website, a Social Media Splash Page

We at Web Advocate .org almost never come across a person or business who says, “Money is no object!”

Normally we almost always hear, “What is the cheapest thing I can do?”

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Don’t Spend $$$ Thousands on a Basic Website!

Web Advocate came up with a new spin on the old Splash Page.

Briefly, the old meaning behind a “splash page” was a single page with very little information on it. Frequently it contained bad Flash Animation and a “Click to Enter the Site” button.

Just a note, the old splash pages are terrible for Search Engine Optimization and they are even more terrible for User Friendliness.

Enter the Social Media Splash Page

For individuals, small businesses on a budget, or large businesses testing a single idea, a Social Media Splash Page is the least expensive, simplest, and fastest way to go.

1) Buy a domain name, ($10+ / year)

2) Buy the smallest and cheapest hosting account you can with at least 1 email address ($4.99+ / month)

3) Setup one branded email address,

4) Setup a single page at this domain. (Free or Very cheap if you hire a web designer, $100-$500)

5) Include relevant contact information for a customer to easily get in touch with you. (Free)

6) Embed a live stream to Facebook, Twitter, and all other Social Media outlets you use. (Free)

7) Setup a Google Places page for your business with correct contact information, business hours, address/location, and even pictures of your business. (Free)

Voila! You have a Web Presence for $14.99

Now, all you have to do is spend the time conversing with people on Facebook and Twitter, or other Social Media outlets, and using your branded email address on all business cards, brochures and advertisements.

You did read, “5 Reasons Your Business Should Not Be Using Social Media” first, right?!

Who Won’t a Social Media Splash Page Help?

If a business wants to add lots of content to their website, blog on their site, add pictures or galleries, sell products, or edit the website through a Content Management System (like WordPress) then a Social Media Splash Page is not for them.

However, there are still great options to fulfill your businesses needs.

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